As if driving virtually every new car and truck sold for the past 40 years wasn’t enough, the MotorWeek staff and crew has traveled to nearly every corner of the country and globe while doing it. And everywhere we go, we rediscover the universal appeal of the automobile – be it for work, play or just hitting the road! 

GREG CARLOSS: Cars are meant to take us places and boy have they done that for MotorWeek. In fact, we get so used to the non-stop travel, sometimes it’s like we’re stuck in a time warp.

Craig Singhaus, what are you doing in the Wienermobile? 

CRAIG SINGHAUS: Greg, I’m so glad I mustard the courage to ketchup with you!  Since 1988, I’ve been traveling the country on the coast to coast wienie roast with my best pals, the Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers. Come take a look, you’ll relish the opportunity, you never sausage a thing!

GREG CARLOSS: No disrespect to Oscar Mayer, but their fleet of Wienermobiles has been doggin’ it compared to us. Not only have we visited all 50 U.S. states, but we’ve rolled rubber on every continent.

We’ve aced the Autobahn, kicked the AlCan, hurtled the road to Hana, and rallied every road in between. 

Of course, we use the term “road” loosely, since so many of our travels have taken us, quite literally, off the beaten path...the slick rock of Moab, overlanding in Oregon, and exploring the ancient wonders of Belize, some of our most thrilling automotive adventures have been off-road.

Track days don’t account for the most miles, but they do add the most smiles. Over 40 years of testing, we’ve logged thousands upon thousands of laps at long-time favorites Roebling Road, Summit Point, Dominion Raceway, and dozens of other circuits, both famous and forgotten. 

We still grin at every memory of braving the mighty Nurburgring, or piloting Porsche’s awesome 918 Spyder on Portugal’s Algarve Circuit. 

Of course we don’t always have to go fast to have fun. Sometimes we like to slow down, grab the family and take the scenic route.  Whether it’s RVs, SUVs, or Family Trucksters, just like that famous explorer Clark W. Griswold, the good old-fashioned road trip has been a staple for MotorWeek since the beginning in 1981.

And from Cape Cod to the Cape of Good Hope, meeting countless fellow travelers and sharing our passion for the automotive world, every mile has told a story we’ve been honored to share.