Along with today’s newest cars and trucks, even our homes are filled with the latest in innovative comfort and convenience technologies. Maybe that’s one reason so many households are reluctant to take a long family getaway. We’d simply miss all of our stuff! Well our Zach Maskell went over the edge at the sweetest place on earth… to prove you can take your home – anywhere you want to go.

ZACH MASKELL: “Welcome to America’s largest RV show. Here in Hershey, Pennsylvania we’ve got about 50 manufacturers and over 1400 recreational vehicles to check out. Let’s get to it.”

Imagine trying to cover 33 football fields, full of every size caravan. Choices include the popular teardrop trailer… which can have as little as just a bed. These class B motorhomes are built on a van chassis and can be very versatile. Those interested in “van life,” seeking a minimalistic life of freedom and expression on the open road has skyrocketed. Class C’s are usually on truck platforms, and have bathrooms, larger kitchens and beds. And the big dogs… the class A, home away from home behemoths, that can be fully loaded… including a washer and dryer.

HEATHER LEACH: When people come here, yes they’re shopping for RV’s and comparing but I’m always amazed at the people that say “Last year I was over in the campground, we met these people next door, they are also here for the show, we pick the same spots next year because we’re now friends with them and we’re going to come back next year and meet here."

ZACH MASKELL: These modern nomads were among the very first to see the 2021 models.

“We actually have a hybrid show. The first day is an industry day. The manufacturers rent all the space and the dealers come in and get to see new product and get to learn about it. And then when consumers come in, they take over the displays and sell it to the consumers.” 

ZACH MASKELL: It all started with this in 1910. A 3 ton Packard truck, considered the first ever motor home… simply using wood on top of a car platform. Today, your options are endless.

STEVE FRETZ: “Each Manufacturer sets up the display and has representation and incentives for the dealer to do business and kind of uses it as a barometer for what people like and what they don’t like because it’s still early enough in the season if they need to make a change they can make a change based on consumer feedback.”

ZACH MASKELL: Whatever it takes to make your hunting trip, or day at the park a simple set up. As with anything… you get what you pay for.

STEVE FRETZ: “The travel trailers will probably start out around $10,000 and go up to maybe $150,000 and on the motorized side, you can probably get into a new motorhome for as low as in the 50’s and almost sky is the limit. At the show here you’ll probably find things into the 5, 6, $700,000 range.”

ZACH MASKELL: This couple’s son travels to drag race events all over the U.S. They said if they could get a nice deal on a toy hauler – they’ll be spending more nights at the track. The golf cart’s going to fit nicely in the back.

Now, if you need something on a grand scale – you’ll find this to fit the bill. 

“I’ve definitely been in hotels that are not nearly as nice as this, I mean this looks like a brand new kitchen.”

ANTHONY PINTO: “What you have here is a true induction cooktop in the Renegade XL. Real hardwood cabinets, your Samsung microwave, giant, large, oversized, whatever you want to call it. Stainless steel is really great for working with. You can get a dishwasher in these guys.

“A lot of retirees will get this. They’ll sell their bigger homes, we’re in the north east in New Jersey, so somebody might live in the New York Area. And they’re like you know what I’m selling my big house, I’m down sizing to something like this a small condo, of course in Florida.”

ZACH MASKELL: “They’re down sizing. Where I’d be upsizing.”

ZACH MASKELL: The demographics have made a big shift. Seen as one of the most mobile generations ever – millennials have been buying up the smaller hi-tech campers. With the adaptation of solar panels, lightweight and eco-friendly materials… it’s clear manufactures are reaching all their customers, and that the American RVing lifestyle is alive and very well indeed.