Whether it’s working overtime, really odd jobs, cashing his tax refund, or just fishing for golf balls in a water hazard, our Zach Maskell has often gone way over the edge to finance his automotive dreams. And now he’s found a customizer whose top priority is to help everyone, from his neighbors to Olympic Gold Medalists, have the ride of their dreams.

ZACH MASKELL: There’s literally no limitations when it comes to customizing your ride at one auto-body shop in Baltimore. In fact, they’ve gained so much popularity, many of the Super Bowl champs flock here.

Super Bowl XLVII champs Ray Rice, Torrey Smith, and Michael Oher led an All-Star roster of pro athletes who’ve been flocking to No Limit. It hasn’t always been the hotspot; it took years of dedication to turn this place into a well-oiled machine.

Owner David Barron used to go driveway to driveway, installing car stereos, and other mods, until he found an old tire shop to literally call home.

DAVID BARRON: I started sleeping on the couch, at night time. This is where I lived. I would work eighty, ninety hours a week and I didn’t really have a place to live.

ZACH MASKELL: That’s when Barron was still solo. He’s now got a fleet of ten workers who see twenty to twenty five cars a day.

DAVID BARRON: It’s still a mom-and-pop. Like I still have my hands on the car. They still call me on my phone at two in the morning if they want to ask questions, you know what I mean? So people still want to deal with that. They don’t want to deal with corporate.

ZACH MASKELL: Barron knows that his customers come in for the experience, and everyone needs some help along the way. He takes pride in transforming their nighttime internet browsing and magazine flipping ideas into reality.

It doesn’t matter if you want your windows tinted or a full makeover; you’ll be taken care of.

Check out this Fisker Karma owned by former Raven’s player Frank Walker. Barron’s crew painted much the chrome, gold! It was also the first Fisker to wear twenty four inch wheels. Fellow footballer Jared Gaither wasn’t happy with his stock Jeep; so he ordered up a customized sound system, a lift kit on twenty two inch wheels, and a train horn, along with other mods.

DAVID BARRON: Thirteen years ago, Mike Phelps was still in high school. And I put spinners on his Escalade in 2000.

ZACH MASKELL: And after word of mouth spread like wildfire, NBA star Allen Iverson brought in a fleet of cars; then the Raven’s locker room got wind; and the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Wizards, and now customers from all over the country.

Super Bowl champion Ray Rice felt like a kid on Christmas seeing his new and improved 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

RAY RICE: This might be the red carpet.

DAVID BARRON: This is the big boy set. This is the car’s big boy set.

RAY RICE: I graduated.

ZACH MASKELL: They say simple is clean; and we’ll say “job well done”. Rice left with a Full Fab speed exhaust and color matched HRE wheels.

RAY RICE: This is illegal.


RAY RICE: This is illegal.


RAY RICE: This is a crime, man.

ZACH MASKELL: Jokes aside, Rice isn’t just worried about scoring touchdowns come game day. What you’ve got pulling into the parking lot is a whole different battle.

RAY RICE: It’s always good to be a competitor. You know, when you came from the bottom, you always want to feel like you’re putting yourself in a different position.

ZACH MASKELL: He calls Barron “The Magician”. He does what he does on the field, and Barron handles the rest.

Leaving with his Porsche, Rice dropped off his Ranger Rover to get some new shoes. And meanwhile, another Raven was getting a whole new look.

Absolutely crazy transformation. Both of these trucks coming completely stock, and now look completely different.

DAVID BARRON: Ford F-150 Raptor; already looks crazy. We matte blacked it, twenty two inch wheels, thirty seven inch tires; it just goes with the aggressiveness of the Raptor. This one here, Lardarius Webb of the Ravens, came in Pearl white; now completely matte white, all the chrome accents are gloss black, twenty six wheels color matched; just a totally different look.

ZACH MASKELL: Vinyl wraps are quickly replacing the traditional paint job. This shop gets a couple customers a week asking for them; they’re cheaper, temporary, easy to repair, and simple to work with. But let’s not forget about the wheels. There’s hundreds of choices, ready for quick mounting. The lobby is like being in a shoe store for cars, decorated with the priceless signatures of who would stop by.

I’m standing here look at all this sports memorabilia on the walls, and notice that there’s a blank spot. So guys, what’s going on with that—oh, it’s number 52.

ZACH MASKELL: Just like a restaurant receiving its fresh grub of the day, vans filled with the goods make their daily drop offs. Barron said he likes to relate to his customers, and his ride proves it. His Denali is lowered on twenty six inch wheels with side exhaust and suede interior.

With dedicated employees and a boss that’s still getting his hands dirty, we can see why No Limit has become a crowd favorite.