Most people would be extra-cautious piloting a supercar worth more than their house…well, our over the edge guy Zach Maskell is certainly not most people…so here’s what he did with some of Lamborghini’s latest…

ZACH MASKELL: And this isn’t even the intense day? This is insane!”

Believe it or not, Lamborghini is actually hosting this rare event! Where, with the Rocky Mountains as a background, owners spend two days learning how to handle their investments on a snow and ice covered racetrack. Aspen, Colorado is the only location in the states where this transpires.

“Winter Accadameia is the super rare opportunity to experience high horsepower cars on snow and ice. How are we going to accomplish that? Well, we’ve got some studded Pirelli tires. Not to mention, Lamborghini’s fabulous all-wheel drive system. 700 horsepower Aventador, 610 Horsepower Huracan. Let’s get to it.”

Before we’re set free we learn the basics of driving dynamics.

DEAN DIGIACOMO: “There’s a few ways to sort of make a car do what you want in the snow. The worse way is to overuse the car. Let the dynamics of your car work in your favor - then it’s a lot easier to kind of catch the car as it slides because you’re more in control that way.”

ZM: “First up, we have the successor to the Gallardo: the Huracan. 50% stiffer chassis. Absolutely guarantees go-kart like handling.”

The dual clutch transmission, along with magnetic shocks and adaptive steering that adjust on the fly, are out of this world. This equips you with precise handling… on what seems like any terrain.

KEVIN CONWAY: “It’s one thing to experience those on asphalt, it’s another entirely different experience to see those systems at work on snow and ice.”

ZM: First, a couple dozen current or prospect Lamboni owners and I are instructed to keep the bull tame. Then, it was time to start pushing harder. With a simple flick of a button, the machine changes its attitude.

KEVIN CONWAY: “In sport mode you have more to the rear and less to the front. So, it’s going to drive more like a rear wheel drive car, but still have the drive of the front wheels to help you recover and power through that. Then at the end you have Corsa, which is optimized for performance and acceleration out of the corner. “

ZM: No matter your experience - this will have you contemplating what you’ve gotten yourself into.

EDOARDO PISCOPO: “Everybody is very scared in the beginning because the car is intimidating, but after they drive a few laps, they understand it’s very drivable.”

ZM: “At first it was just the scariest thing in the world, and now I’m actually getting comfortable drifting a Lamborghini… I don’t know how you guys do it, man. I could never sit in your seat. Especially with me behind the wheel.”

INSTRUCTOR: “He says that while he’s looking at me.”

ZM: Up next, learning a very different beast.

DEAN DIGIACOMO: “…we can even get a little more sound for you if you want. Get a little bit of that sound.”

ZM: “So now we are in the Aventador. It does 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. Compared to the Huracan which does it in 3.2. This is a V12, and the Huracan sporting a V10.”

While they’re both mid-engine, the Aventador wanted to plow its way around.

The Huracan has scalpel sharp handling, the Aventador, feels a little bit bigger and it’s got a lot more top end power so you can’t really just rip through the gears as much as you can – in this thing.”

So, for about seven thousand dollars you too can experience the winter lifestyle of a Lamborghini owner for the weekend. That includes lodging, dinner, and a snowmobile tour too. Well – the Italians made ice here in the states… and I crossed off a bucket list item that I did not even know I had.