Sometimes the worst part about summer is having so many beautiful days… and not enough car shows! Well that’s no longer the case; thanks to enthusiasts everywhere, an often weekly event in many areas, Cars and Coffee, is heating up!

ZACH MASKELL: Grab yourself a cup of Joe… and relax. It’s a time to experience… automotive bliss.

Most people like to sleep in on the weekend…But for others, they wake up before the sun comes up, do a little bit of detailing to their car and just hang out with a whole bunch of people who share the same passion as them.

These informal gatherings generally known as “Cars and Coffee” have been rolling out all over the country. And unlike other car shows, there are no entry fees, no judges, and no prizes.  And whether they’re held on a manicured fairway at Amelia Island, Florida, or a mall parking lot in Hunt Valley, Maryland, the shared enthusiasm for everything automotive is universal.

VINCE GEPPI: It’s every culture of the car community comes out and celebrates this event together. You get the most expensive cars in the world to some of the cheapest cars in the world.

CARL GALLER: The people are great, everybody’s real proud of whatever they have. And very friendly willing to talk about it. It’s neat. I enjoy it.

ZACH MASKELL: The Cars and Coffee phenomenon began in Southern California more than a decade ago. Groups of like-minded car enthusiasts would gather through word-of-mouth, almost like a flash mob, on a weekend morning, enjoy a jolt of both caffeine and horsepower, then break up and be home by 10am.

RICH WILLIAMS: This is shocking. Shocking. But again, it’s a real testament to the local community... the regional community…

ZACH MASKELL: Every single meet is almost guaranteed to bring new faces. It’s a relaxed environment for all to enjoy… regardless of your interest or income.

WOMAN: I’m not much of a car person but I do like being able to see them. They’re beautiful up close.

ZACH MASKELL: Body lines… the smells… the sounds… the customization… it’s often an indescribable feeling.

OWNER: …It’s not as sexy as some of the more desirable ones, you know, but it’s perfect for me.

ZACH MASKELL: Eleven years ago, a birthday gift from his wife, turned into a full obsession…Alan Stokes’ 69’ Camaro is as clean as they come.

MAN: I just love the show. It’s great.

TOM INSCOE: I used to be a crazy guy and I grew up, so now I just drive a crazy car.

ZACH MASKELL: His son is the one who convinced him to pilot a Lamborghini.

TOM INSCOE: He’s a car guy too, he has a ZR1 – putting out like 900 horsepower to the rear wheels. Whatever I get he makes sure he can kick my butt.

ZACH MASKELL: When Inscoe feels down… he admittedly steps into his garage and stares at his car. But it’s not just for him.

TOM INSCOE: I’ll let any kid sit in it that wants to. You know, they want to know how you do it, I preach to them about working hard.

ZACH MASKELL: While the unwritten rules of Cars and Coffee is: no burnouts, no revving, and to respect all… we couldn’t resist some ear pleasure.


ZACH MASKELL: Many would agree your ride is an extension of your personality. How can you argue that when one man has put almost 160-thousand miles on his Corvette… after owning it 20 years. He and his wife have covered a lot of ground together.

CORVETTE OWNER: We started dating… and riding in cars and cruising and we’re still cruising 51 years later.

ZACH MASKELL: So if you’re itching for a shot of adrenaline to jump start your weekend, sniff out a Cars and Coffee event in your town… and then pass the word on to a friend.