Earlier this season we debuted our new “Overdrive” feature, in which we showed one lucky MotorWeek fan just how capable his everyday car can be. Well in our second installment, we’re kicking it up a notch, pitting a talented young fan against our own Greg Carloss in some “friendly” competition. Well enough talk– let’s shove it into “Overdrive!”

GREG CARLOSS: As a MotorWeek test driver, I have more than a decade of experience pushing performance cars to their limits on high speed racing circuits. And if I can toot my own horn, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. But I’m always on the lookout for a nice slice of humble pie, and I may just find some here today at Summit Point Motorsports Park.

All right, Dylan, here’s how it’s going to go down. Summit Point, put together this autocross course for us. We’re going to run three timed events. Since you brought your Miata RF with a few performance enhancements, I thought it would be fun to get, like, a baseline test. So I brought a 2024 Miata Grand Touring.

Then it’s going to be a true driver’s test. We’re going to ditch the Miatas, we’re going to go over to that Charger. We’re going to run the course again three times, best wins. The third event, that’s a little bit of a surprise, but I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t done this event. How’s that sound?

DYLAN ADELI: I think it’s great. I’m ready.

GREG CARLOSS: All right. Not a bad start. Second…Tight to the cones. All right. Whoops. Woohoo!

DYLAN ADELI: Oh, those tires are yelling.

GREG CARLOSS: Duck down in there, oh a little more understeer. Oh, man, that was not a very clean run.

I might get him there!

DYLAN ADELI: Come on. Go go go go go.

Out, out, out, out.



DYLAN ADELI: Oh, no. Oh!

GREG CARLOSS: He’s in my head.

DYLAN ADELI: All right, come on. Let’s clean this up.

GREG CARLOSS: All right. Not a bad start. Patient, Greg. Patient, Greg. Patient, Greg!

DYLAN ADELI: Oh, there we go.

GREG CARLOSS: *Incoherent noises*

DYLAN ADELI: Come on. Let’s see if we can beat him. Come on.

GREG CARLOSS: Heavy on the brakes there.

DYLAN ADELI: Push it, push it, push it.

Oh hoo hoo! Oooh.

ALEX KELLUM: Dylan, on this most recent run, you got a 51.8. Greg, that last run, you got 54.6.

GREG CARLOSS: All right, man, you got me pretty good on the first one. But now we’re going to swap light and nimble for big and hefty with this Charger. You’ve never driven one, but I have and I gotta say I think that gives me the advantage over you.

DYLAN ADELI: Yeah, this is a lot bigger. Oh, damn. Woo!

GREG CARLOSS: Not the best start.

DYLAN ADELI: All right.

GREG CARLOSS: Got to keep that wheelspin under control.

All right. Boom!

DYLAN ADELI: Come on. Turn, baby.

GREG CARLOSS: He’s figured something out.

DYLAN ADELI: Go go go go go.

GREG CARLOSS: That’s what I’m talking about.

Okay. I think I might have improved.

DYLAN ADELI: There we go.

GREG CARLOSS: Keep it coming. Go ahead and get aggressive.

DYLAN ADELI: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

GREG CARLOSS: Managing traction, managing traction– oh I didn’t manage traction!

DYLAN ADELI: Oh, this is going to be close. Oh, over the dirt!

ALEX KELLUM: Greg, I’ve seen better. Your second run was a 57.9. That one was a 58.1.

Dylan your final run. That was a 57.8.

DYLAN ADELI: You’re going to have to take it. I beat you by one tenth.

GREG CARLOSS: I’m crushed. I’m honestly crushed. But we have one more surprise event, if you’ll remember. We’re going to flip things around, and we’re gonna go backwards.

DYLAN ADELI: Greg, you’re insane for this.

GREG CARLOSS: He’s already going in the wrong direction. Oh, no. Hahaha

DYLAN ADELI: Whoops! I don’t think I’m on the track right now.

GREG CARLOSS: He’s up on the island.

DYLAN ADELI: Oh, we’re almost there.

ALEX KELLUM: All right. All you gotta do is go straight.


GREG CARLOSS: All right, here we go.

DYLAN ADELI: He’s missing all the cones, so.

GREG CARLOSS: All right, let’s smooth it out a little bit. At least I’m staying on track. Whoop!



DYLAN ADELI: He stopped. Come on, bro. Oh, I think he’s on the grass. Oh, he’s fully cutting the course!

GREG CARLOSS: I think I took a shortcut.


ALEX KELLUM: Well looked like you were about to take the scenic route a few times there. 1:42.5.

GREG CARLOSS: You gotta be kidding me!


ALEX KELLUM: I am not.

GREG CARLOSS: I should have just cheated, man. I should have just cheated.

Well, I gotta hand it to you, man. You are a damn good driver.

DYLAN ADELI: Thank you. You too man.

GREG CARLOSS: And, well, we wanna make sure that you keep driving. So to say thank you, we actually got you a little something on over here.

DYLAN ADELI: No way! You’re joking!

GREG CARLOSS: Yeah, man. Look, you let us use your tires, you gotta let us hook you up with some fresh tires. We wanna make sure you keep coming out so here’s some fresh tires. The same ones you use.

DYLAN ADELI: I am going to shred these tires on the track.

GREG CARLOSS: I really hope you do…