A blast from the past is set to return as an all-electric two-door.

The DeLorean marque is being revived with the all-new Alpha5, an all-electric two-door coupe. Like the original 1980s DMC-12 sports car, it will have gull-wing doors. But, unlike its 1980s “Back to the Future” predecessor, the Alpha5 will be a 4-seater. A formal debut happens in August.

Chevrolet’s Bolt series of electric vehicles is getting a lot more affordable.

The 2023 Bolt EV 1LT will officially start at $26,595-- a price decrease of $5,900. The 2023 Bolt EUV sees a similar savings of $6,300, now starting at $28,195 including destination fee. This bold move keeps the Bolt competitive with newer rivals, as GM electric vehicles are no longer eligible for the $7,500 in federal tax credit.

We’re so used to wirelessly charging our devices, but what about for cars themselves? A new study conducted by Qualtrics found that 96-percent of EV buyers want wireless charging capabilities for their cars. They surveyed about a thousand individuals, where nearly half already owned an EV and the other half intended to purchase one in the next two years. Among the group, wireless charging was rated 34 percent higher than full self-driving capabilities as a desired feature. The study found all age demographics were attracted to wireless charging. More than three-fourths of participants would like to use this tech at home, with a majority also expressing interest in public charging pads.

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