“Today’s world is one of convenience. It’s never been easier to shop online for a car or surf the net for “how-to” car-care videos. But maintaining your vehicle’s long-term health still requires a trip to the repair shop. And now there’s a way to find the best service possible.”

Openbay is not unlike many car shopping websites and apps that help you find the best deals around. But instead of comparison-shopping for “cars”, you’re cross-shopping for service centers.

Whether it’s on their website or by using their app, Openbay allows you to input your vehicle information along with any known issues or problems. It then looks for shops and service centers in the area and compares prices and customer ratings. Once you select a service center, you can book your appointment and pay for the repair—all online.

Another added convenience is OpenbayConnect. This service reads information from your car itself-then diagnoses the problem or problems in real time, and ultimately refers you to a nearby shop for repairs.  

“Yet another example of how technology is making our lives easier by keeping car maintenance simple. And that’s it for this week’s MotorNews.”