Since returning to the U.S. market back in 1986, Land Rover has set the bar for showcasing the “luxurious, go anywhere” nature of their vehicles by staging grand adventures, both for their customers, and the media. 

Back in 1989, MotorWeek took part in their ambitious Great Divide Expedition- as we traveled border to border through Colorado, entirely off-road. Twenty-five years later, we relived that iconic journey with Land Rover, and once again traversed the mountains of Colorado in their latest Range Rover model-- along with a 1990 survivor from the original trek. Sadly, many of the original trails have since been closed due to erosion and recreational misuse.

Experiencing this pristine wilderness again--not only showcased the Land Rover’s exceptional off-road-ability--- but also highlighted the need to preserve these public-access lands for future generations to enjoy. There truly is no better way to see America’s boundless beauty and great historic sites, than getting way out there away from the highways. Our kudos to Land Rover for never compromising their vehicle’s abilities, for leading the way in responsible off-roading, and best of all, for rekindling some great memories. Maps of many public-access off-roading trails are available through the U.S. Forest Service and your local Department of Natural Resources. 

So get that SUV off the asphalt and go out there and explore! But remember to travel with a buddy in wilderness areas and please, always respect the land.

And that’s it for this week’s Motor News.