Riding a motorcycle is great fun, even on those days when the weather is not exactly ideal. Some enthusiasts actually like to ride when it's chilly, or just plain damp and cold.  But, one of the most important parts of riding, particularly when temperatures are low, is to protect your body. Heated hand grips and heated gloves have been around for years. So have heated seats. Those work very, very well, but the problem with heated seats has always been that in order to get one, you had to buy the entire seat, and that meant several hundred dollars to get the assembly.

Thanks to the folks at Check Industries, we now have the ability to retro fit an existing seat with a heater. Comes with the heating element such as we see here. It has multiple switches for different applications, to fit different bikes. It has all of the wiring, and one thing that's very important when you're dealing with a kit of anything like this, this kit comes with very good instructions. So you'll spend an afternoon, but you'll save hundreds of dollars.

Now, safety is always a prime concern on a motorcycle. The Armored Air Jacket is available in several different forms; a vest or a jacket, both in fabric or in leather. Now, it has this tether that goes to a CO2 cylinder up inside the vest. Now this is connected to a buckle here that is mounted to the bike, and if you get thrown off of the bike, this inflates the jacket in less than half a second to protect your body. Once it is inflated, it really gives your body a lot of protection against broken bones and internal injuries. Starts at about $300. A very worthwhile investment for safety.