“As Honda ramps up production for its tenth generation Civic, two specialized models will disappear from the compact’s portfolio. That means the Hybrid and Compressed Natural Gas Civics are no more.”

Citing a lack of public infrastructure, Honda claims that Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, just hasn’t caught on like they had hoped. Mainly used as a fleet vehicle, the Civic CNG was, for a while, the only passenger car built to run exclusively on Natural Gas.

Numerous aftermarket refitters still do CNG conversions on both cars and trucks, and Chevrolet has now thrown their hat in the ring with a CNG powered Impala sedan. But Honda has decided to cut their CNG ties and focus on an even harder to find alt-fuel, Hydrogen.

As for the Civic Hybrid, Honda’s reason for doing away with that model is because their conventional gasoline engines have become efficient enough to stand on their own. They peg the next-gen Civic - which will have a turbocharged four cylinder for the first time - to achieve over 40 MPG on the highway. Their current Civic Hybrid rates 47.

But, Hybrids aren’t completely out of the mix at Honda. The Accord Hybrid remains and Honda says it will continue to develop more efficient gas-electric powertrains for the future.

“One things for sure, we’re glad the Accord Hybrid is still around. Even though, production of our 2014 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Eco Friendly vehicle, is now moving from Ohio to Japan due to lagging sales. And, that’s it for this week’s Motor News.”