Electric vehicles may still make up a small percentage of the cars on the road today, but EV’s are gaining speed. Electric vehicle registrations in the US more than doubled in the first half of 2021 from last year. They now make up almost two and a half percent of new vehicle registrations. Tesla still dominates the electric market, accounting for about two thirds of new e-v registrations with Chevrolet and their Bolt EV coming in second…and thanks to its Mustang Mach-e, Ford cracked the top three. 

Acura announcing they’re bringing back a sporty legendary nameplate…the Integra. They’ve only given us this teaser sketch of the new Integra, which reveals angular styling in keeping with current Acura themes, but they say more details will be released closer to its 2022 reveal. The Integra was one of two models in the original product lineup when Honda first launched the Acura brand in 1986.We were behind the wheel then…and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel of this latest rebirth.

Kia embracing the “at-home attitude” that most of us have gotten use to is joining the ranks of car retailers promoting bring test drives to you with their “Kia at home” experience. Kia will deliver two of their latest models, the all-new Carnival “multi-purpose vehicle,” and the all-electric Niro EV, to you for a test drive. Kia says this is the perfect way for potential buyers to get behind the wheel in their own environment. The hour long experience includes a detailed walk around from a Kia at home drive specialist, but if the customer is actually interested in buying the vehicle, they’ll have to work with a local dealership. Kia is only testing out this new way to car shop for a limited time and in select cities.

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