“There are many technological features in today’s modern cars that can easily grab a drivers’ attention- and cause distraction behind the wheel. In fact, distracted driving, and more specifically, “drowsy driving,” is the leading cause of nearly 300,000 crashes every year.”   

Nissan hopes to lower that number with their “Driver Attention Alert system,” which was recently unveiled in the 2015 Murano, and the 2016 Maxima.

The system works by establishing a baseline at the start of every trip. It measures the driver’s steering behavior and other inputs on a minute level. If the driver’s behavior begins to stray from this set baseline, an audible and visual warning pops up-alerting the driver to take a break.

While Mercedes-Benz has had a similar “Attention Assist” system available for some time now, Nissan’s technology is the first in a more affordably priced vehicle.

Future systems may also track eye movement and eye closings to help gauge driver fatigue, as manufacturers continue their quest to make cars even safer.

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