The new 2021 Volkswagen ID 4 Electric SUV will come with an added bonus for buyers…free charging!

Customers who buy or lease the electric utility will get three years of unlimited charging on Electrify America’s Network. They have over 470 charging stations and over 2,000 DC fast chargers across the country. Volkswagen says they hope this opens up doors to buyers who might not have considered an EV as an option.

And speaking of EV’s, we could see a whole lot more on the roads in California after a ban on new gas and diesel cars in the state.

Now the ban doesn’t take effect immediately. The order from California’s governor would phase out the sale of new fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2035. But in the meantime, you can bet there will be a whole lot of pushback from industries across the board. While none have made any kind of announcement yet, keep in mind that 13 other states and Washington, DC all can follow California’s vehicle emissions standards. So a lot for us to watch when it comes to this ban.

And congratulations are in order for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

They welcomed new member to their family. To their dummy family that is. The new offspring, known as Q3, represents the average weight and height of a 3 year old child and is the first child side impact dummy for federal regulations. NHTSA says Q3 will provide more realistic data about the effect that side impact crashes have on children.

An exciting addition that should improve safety. And that does it for this week’s Motor News.