YOLANDA VAZQUEZ: BMW is celebrating their first 100 years by remembering where they’ve been...while looking ahead with big, bold plans for their second century.

A global tour unveiled what they think the future holds for their motorcycle brands.

Indeed, BMW Motorrad, was the star of the tour’s final stop in Santa Monica, California. Unveiled, this “BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100” shows where this premium motorcycle brand thinks two-wheeled technology is headed.

Key innovations include a self-balancing mechanism that keeps the bike upright-- even when stopped. And, you’ll also notice the lack of a look-down instrument cluster. All needed information reaches the rider through special goggles.

But nostalgia rides, too. The black triangular frame draws on the first BMW motorcycle built in 1923. And, the power unit, which still resembles a BMW boxer engine, is now a pure zero emissions EV. Still, the faux cylinder heads expand outward when moving for better air flow around the rider’s legs.

BMW previously revealed three other Vision Next 100 concepts. This was the first time all four were seen together.

YOLANDA VAZQUEZ: While it may be some time before we get to try them out, we won’t have to wait too long for BMW’s next new bike…

The K 1600 B (sixteen hundred B) just made its world premiere in Los Angeles. The in-line 6-cylinder provides 160 horsepower of pure riding pleasure. If it looks familiar, it was first presented as a concept in spring 20-15… and a lot of the technology is based on the K 1600 GT.  The K 1600 B goes on sale in the US next year. 

And that’s the latest in the motorcycle world for this week’s “two-wheelin” Motor News.