Autonomous vehicles are pulling up for deliveries in parts of California.

Pony A-I is typically a robo taxi service…moving people instead of products. But they’ve switched gears and have deployed their fleet of modified Hyundai Kona battery-electric cars to deliver packages and groceries in Irvine.

Teaming up with E-commerce site Yamibuy, deliveries will go straight to a customer’s driveway. There will be a safety driver in the vehicle, who can either drop off the packages on the doorstep or the customer can get them from the trunk of the car.

We’ve seen fewer drivers on the roads these past couple of months, which means fewer accidents, which means fewer insurance claims…and that equals money back into your pocket.

Major insurance companies are offering rebates to customers on their auto policies. While it varies from company to company, State Farm customers, for example, can expect to see a 25 percent policy credit, on average.

In most cases, credits will be applied automatically, but to find out what your insurance company is offering, you can give your local agent a call.

Porsche has auctioned off a piece of its history to provide for Coronavirus relief. The last-ever 9-91 generation 911 speedster rolled off the production line in December….and hit the online auction block in April….selling for a whopping 500 thousand dollars!

Porsche matched that amount, making a 1 million dollar donation to United Way worldwide’s COVID-19 community response and recovery fund.

No details on the buyer, but whoever they are, they also get a trip to Germany for a behind-the -scenes tour of the Porsche development center and test track.

A whole lot of money raised for a good cause….and that does it for this week’s Motor News.