There’s always something changing in the automotive world; here’s Stephanie Hart with all the latest Motor News.

STEPHANIE HART: The 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show kicked off with some exciting reveals…

Starting with a throw-back Porsche, the 2023 911 Dakar. It pays tribute to the brand’s road rally heritage, featuring all-wheel drive, lifted suspension, and unique off-road tires. Special retro graphics are also available. The Dakar is limited to just 2,500 units globally.

Also new, another nameplate known for its road rally fame is the Subaru Impreza. All new for 2024, this time Impreza will come only as a hatchback, offered in a Base, Sport and new RS trim. All-wheel drive is model standard.

LA also saw the North American debut of the all-new Toyota Prius hybrid.

The 2023 model is sharper in looks and will be the most efficient Prius to date. The new Prius Prime PHEV increases its EV-only range by over 50-percent. It was joined by Toyota’s bZ Compact all-electric SUV concept.

Vietnamese startup VinFast unveiled two new SUVs.

The 2024 compact VF6 and midsize VF7 were showcased. They vary in size, but share much of the same exterior Italian design. They join the previously announced VF8 and three-row VF9, showing an entire EV-SUV lineup before sales even start here.

And that’s a wrap from LA for this week’s MotorNews!