All things connectivity-wise were on display at the  in Las Vegas. And once again, the automotive industry made its “high-voltage” presence known.

Starting with the unveiling of the Chrysler Portal Concept. FCA says the all-electric, semi-autonomous minivan will have a driving range of over 250 miles on a full charge. 

Clearly designed by millennials for millennials, it provides 10 docking stations and a camera to take selfies while driving.

Faraday Future showed its first production vehicle: FF 91 (Ninety One). They claim its electric drive packs 1050 horsepower with a range of 378 miles. The FF 91 will also park itself after the driver gets out.

BMW is going hands-free with the help of Intel and Mobileye. That team will test about 40 autonomous BMW’s in the U.S. and Europe starting later this year. BMW hopes to have their first fully autonomous vehicle for sale in 2021.

There’s new competition to help you connect your phone to your car. Ford, Toyota and several other companies have formed the SmartDeviceLink Consortium. Organizers hope it will lead to an industry-wide standard for in-vehicle apps.

YOLANDA VAZQUEZ: So as the CES illustrates-- the automotive industry is certainly stepping up its pace for technological advances. And that wraps up this week’s Motor News.