Long Term Updates


The Passat has been an important vehicle to Volkswagen in America; not only making a unique version of it for us, but building a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee for it.

That led to the Atlas SUV, a slew of new ID BEVs that are on the way, and ultimately an end of Passat production here in the U.S., marked by this 2022 Limited Edition model.

It’s powered by a 174-horsepower 2.0-liter I4 turbo, and includes touches that pay homage to the Passat’s past, as well as celebrate its time in Chattanooga.

As we start our farewell tour in this Passat, the first thing we notice is the roominess inside. It’s classified as a midsize sedan, but it feels closer to a full-size, especially in the back seat. And don’t let the not-so-sporty design fool you. This thing can really carve up some corners.


Mileage: 1,500

Our 2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition long-term may represent the last Passats to roll off VW’s Chattanooga assembly line; but in many ways it feels much like the first. After all, the U.S. specific Passat hasn’t really changed all that much since it debuted 10-years ago, and that’s a good thing. VW got this mid-size design right from the get-go.

Sedans like this Passat used to be the bread and butter for automakers because at their peak they offered the best mix of interior space, ride quality and fuel economy. Well, this final Passat is better at all of those things than it was during the mid-size sedan heydays. And considering that alone, it’s a real shame we’ve reached the end of its run.

We’re just 2-months and 1,500-miles into our test, but fuel economy is off to a 32.2 miles-per-gallon start, well above its 28 MPG Combined rating.

Great for such a big vehicle, though the 2.0-liter I4 turbo making it happen, puts out a modest 174–horsepower. And this Passat truly does have a lot of room inside, with rear seat passengers benefitting from full-size car-like legroom.

Mileage: 4,000

This 2022 Volkswagen Passat mid-size sedan is VW’s way of saying goodbye to Passat production here in the states, and unfortunately, after 4,000-miles, it’s also time for us to say goodbye to it.

We’ve only had this Passat a few months, but since it’s mostly the same as it’s been for a number of years we didn’t go through that whole awkward “get to know you” phase. For instance, the steering is exactly as we’ve come to expect from Volkswagen. Nice and accurate, but with the light weight that keeps it comfortable for daily driving. For me, that’ll be one of the things I remember about this car. Godspeed, Passat. You will be missed.

We’ve driven all manner of roads over the last 3-months; but the Passat spent most of its time performing basic commuting duty, and seemed to embrace that role with great comfort, plenty of space, and tech that may not be as flashy as many, but does what you need without being complicated.

VW’s tried and true 2.0-liter turbo-4 wasn’t always simpatico with the 6–speed automatic; but felt more powerful than its 174-horsepower rating, and delivered a great 31.1 miles-per-gallon fuel economy. So, If you fancy a fine family sedan, you might want to grab a Passat while you can.