Our Success Story this week takes us to MotorWeek’s hometown Baltimore, Maryland where Charm City is now in the propane taxi game. Veolia Transportation is adding over 50 propane cabs to their checker and yellow cab fleets. The gasoline-to-propane conversions are being done in-house. The 2-12 gallon tanks easily fit in the trunk, while a new dash gauge indicates the switch from petrol to propane. Veolia worked through the Department of Energy funded Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program, a project of Virginia Clean Cities, with support from Maryland Clean Cities, and Alliance Auto Gas. Using their own propane fueling station, Veolia is saving up to $1.50 per gallon over regular gas and reducing maintenance costs.

STUART WEIDIE: What we’re seeing is exponential growth in terms of the adoption of propane autogas in fleets. They realize that it’s got these positive benefits.

JOHN DAVIS: Veolia’s launch of Baltimore’s first propane taxi fleet is a long crawl in making the world’s crab cake capital a cleaner and greener city.

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