Our Success Story this week takes us to Nashua, New Hampshire, a city singing the praises of compressed natural gas. From street sweepers to refuse trucks to heavy-duty pickups-the city’s alt-fuel fleet now numbers about 40. Introduced in 2011, CNG’s environmental benefits have been bolstered by a big reduction in maintenance along with fuel cost savings of $50,000 a year. The Granite State Clean Cities Coalition and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services helped identify over 1.1 million federal dollars to help fund the CNG vehicles. Their refueling depot-the state’s first public access CNG station-was built through a public-private partnership with Alternative Vehicle Service Group.

DONNALEE LOZEAU: “It’s really been very exciting for us-to be first one in New England to do something like this-do it to the degree we have…heading in this direction has really been great for our city and we look forward to expanding it even more.”

JOHN DAVIS: Nashua’s transit buses run primarily on B20 biodiesel, but they now have one CNG transit bus in operation as well. This is one New Hampshire city that is leading by the CNG example.

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