Our success story this week takes us to Montgomery County, Maryland where the county’s new fleet headquarters in Rockville is also a depot for their CNG transit buses. Nearly 75% of their 400+ fleet use the cleaner burning fuel displacing nearly 1 million gallons of diesel a year. A Maryland clean air grant also helped build 16 level II charging stations, and purchase more than a dozen plug in hybrid and electric vehicles. In five years Montgomery County hopes to reduce petroleum use by 20%.

BILL GRIFFITHS: “We want to replace, eliminate where we can and we’re using all these fuels. We’re using CNG, we’re using electric, we’re using E85, we’re using biofuels, to help achieve that 20% reduction in our petroleum…”

JOHN DAVIS: The County has been using CNG buses for more than a decade and even shares their fueling station with 125 “contracted” CNG refuse trucks. Next year a new “public access” fast fill CNG station goes online. All progressive efforts to make the County’s “green fleet” plan a maximum success.

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