Our success story this week takes us to Louisville, Kentucky…where they’re “charging” towards the future with one of the country’s largest all-electric bus fleets.

With help from the Kentucky clean fuels coalition and other partners, the transit authority of river city started adding all-electric buses to their fleet 3 years ago.

Today, they have 15 Proterra buses traveling throughout their downtown.

The t-a-r-c says their electric buses reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by some 45,000 pounds each year.

BARRY BARKER: “What’s particularly useful about it is fact that we’re taking that out of downtown, which is probably the dirtiest place, right, in terms of auto emissions.”

Powering up takes less than 10 minutes at either one of two quick overhead charge stations…so when it comes to fast, and eco-friendly…this fleet “hits” it out of the park!

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