Our success story this week takes us to Jacksonville, Florida where an alternative fuel is helping the maritime industry become eco-friendly. Clean burning liquefied natural gas…LNG…is now making enroads in this “super-sized”  fuel hungry transportation sector. At the Jacksonville Port Authority, the Eagle LNG Partners LNG facility can fuel giant container ships like Crowley's Taino with LNG at the rate of 2700 gallons per minute.

CHRIS DESCHENES: “Ships have burned very dirty fuel. Over time, those fuels have become cleaner and cleaner. In the evolution of marine fuel, using LNG is kind of the next progression in marine fuels when it comes to burning a cleaner fuel.”

The North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition aided partner Pivotal LNG in opening the processing plant only 15 miles from the port. It’s the first small scale maritime plant in the United States. All to help make the sunshine state’s coastal waters crystal clear.