Our success story this week takes us to Cleveland, Ohio where organic waste means renewable energy. Once a GM Fisher body plant, Quasar Energy Group’s Collinwood facility uses two digester tanks to break down 75,000 wet tons of organic waste yearly. Released methane gas is used to produce electricity for Cleveland public power, and also transformed into compressed natural gas vehicle fuel. Over 90% of Quasar’s 50 vehicle fleet runs on CNG.

COREY ALLEN: “It might just be a food scrap but when you take those food scraps and multiply it exponentially-you kind of see light bulb go off. People see it and they’re proud of it and I think something we can all be proud of.”

JOHN DAVIS: Working with the northeast Ohio clean cities coalition, Quasar partners with Emerson to capture food waste from sports stadiums using Insinkerator’s grind-2-energy technology. Ground onsite, it then heads to Quasar’s digesters for a closed-loop solution. An Ohio sustainability rock star worthy of its own hall of fame. 

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