Our success story this week takes us to sunny south Florida, where propane powered buses are a hit with passengers.

In service for more than a year, there are currently 138 propane buses in the Broward County paratransit fleet.

Already the operating budget has been slashed by 800,000 dollars, and that’s before the federal alternative tax rebate, which will bring in another 600,000 dollars!

Working with the southeast Florida clean cities coalition, and local firms, has been key.

PAUL STROBIS: “Partnering with our local Clean Cities Coalition, the business partners they were able to introduce us to, were able to give us the knowledge and facts we needed to make an informed decision to benefit our program.”

JOHN DAVIS: By using over a million gallons of propane last year, Broward’s clean fleet also had significantly lower tailpipe emissions, making for even brighter skies in the sunshine state.

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