Our success story this week takes us to Asheville, North Carolina, and America’s largest home. The Biltmore was built with sustainablilty in mind, an idea that still holds true 120 years later.

In 2012 about 50 acres of canola were planted on the estate. The tiny canola seed is about 43 percent oil. It is squeezed out in the Biltmore’s “bio-barn” and, along with their restaurant waste cooking oil, is then processed into B20 biodiesel fuel.

TRIP HUDGINS: “We try to process around 200 gallons a week. So our mark is about 10,000 gallons per year is what we do.”

JOHN DAVIS: The home grown B20 powers over 90 pieces of equipment at the estate.

And you won’t just find biodiesel at the pump, but propane too! With assistance from the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition and Alliance Autogas, the Biltmore has 13 propane powered buses to shuttle guests, with more buses on the way. Moving the Biltmore towards a sustainable future envisioned so long ago.

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