Our success story this week takes us to the Cajun capitol…Baton Rouge, Louisiana…where new propane-powered buses are a welcome sight. August floods wiped out a portion of the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools bus fleet. When seeking replacements, the district decided to go green and ordered 10 propane buses.

GARY REESE: “We’d been interested for a while in propane or alternative fuels. This gave us the opportunity to expedite the purchase. We planned to buy some this year anyway with money that was budgeted for new equipment, so it was an opportunity to go ahead and get them.”

While only up and running for a few months, the buses are on track to displace over 140 gallons of diesel per week! And that shrinking carbon footprint will soon grow even smaller as the district has ordered 30 additional buses. Thanks to federal funding and guidance from Louisiana Clean Fuels, the Baton Rouge plan is to drive into the future of education with propane!

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