Being a safe driver requires good visibility, both to the front and to the rear.  Now we’ve got some problem solving products today. First, when was the last time that you looked at your headlights? Maybe you’re not seeing quite as well as you used to after dark.  That could be because the lens on the headlights has discolored. This happens from the ultra-violet light from the sun, and you can restore the majority of them.

There are a lot of kits on the market but we’ve chosen one from Permatex which can do what we’ve done here.  You can restore the lens very easily, and very effectively, and very in-expensively - a lot cheaper than buying new headlamps. All right, now maybe you have a motorcycle or some other vehicle that uses a plastic windshield.  Plastic windshields are prone to getting scratched; all kinds of things can scratch them.

The folks at Quix have a product that is designed specifically for restoring these plastic windshields, it works very well.  It can bring it back to virtually like new condition, so if you have a scratched plastic windshield, the Quix product is something to look for.

You also need to see behind you.  What happens many times is on that really hot day, your car is all closed up, you come out after work and here’s your rear-view-mirror lying on the floor of the car.  What happened?  Well, the heat was the cause of it. But what can you do to correct it?  Again from Permatex we have a product that is designed to re-attach the button that holds the mirror in place, it works very well, it’s inexpensive, but here’s a couple of things.  On all of these products make sure that you follow the directions because, on this one in particular, the glue is incredibly aggressive and it really holds, so you’ve got to do it right.  Permatex also has videos on their website to show you how to do this. So these are three quick fixes that can make driving your car a lot safer.

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