Don't wait until a rainy day or when you find yourself on a dimly lit road to remember the importance of properly maintaining your windshield wiper blades and headlights. Dust, bugs and weather can wear down  wiper blades, while the sun can damage headlights, leaving you with an unclear view of the road. Pat Goss shows you get how to more life out of your wiper blades, and clear off your headlights.

We're going to restore two of the most important safety devices on our cars; windshield wiper blades and headlights. Now, what we have here is something that changes its shape. There's no problem there, but because of the configuration of the frame, you have pressure points where each one of those frames attaches to the blade itself. And that can lead to uneven wiping over a period of time.

To address those problems, manufacturers are now going almost exclusively to these beam type blades, which have the spring action and everything inside the rubber so it applies an actual even force all the way across the glass. It's a great idea; works well, wears well, but like most things that are new and modern, and work better, costs a lot of money.

All right, if you have an expensive blade, what might you want to do? Well, here we have Permatex Wiper Restore. This little package, you simply pull it open, like we've done here, then you take a hold of it up here at the top, and you wipe it across the rubber of the wiper blades. The chemicals in it will restore the rubber, make it function like new, and extend the life of the rubber. It's a practical way to get more life out of your blade without spending a lot of money.

Headlights used to be made out of glass, now they're made out of plastic, and they're highly styled. Ultraviolet light from the sun causes the surface of the plastic to develop little teeny microscopic cracks in it. That causes the light to scatter instead of being focused on to the highway where it belongs. Very dangerous. What can you do?

Well, headlights are expensive, so you might want to look for this BG LenzSaver™ kit. What this does is it has various polishes and applicators and so on that will bring the lens back to a perfectly clear status.

But now how do we keep it there? That's where this kit differs from everything else on the market in that it has a special coating that goes over the plastic after you're done that protects against ultraviolet light damage. Something that you might want to look for.