this time we’ve got a couple of really slick do-it-yourself jobs. First is something that deals with anti-theft. Now, everybody has to worry about their car being stolen.

Well, this is kind of interesting. This is a product called Auto Etch. And what you do is you etch the VIN number of your vehicle into all of the windows, the windshield, the back window, everything on your car. That makes the parts and the car itself very identifiable. It makes it very difficult for a thief to get rid of even a part of the car. So it’s a pretty good idea. It’s simple to do. You fill out the form, you send it to the company. They send back to you a set of stencils for your car and the chemical to actually etch the glass. Now, you in turn put the stencil in the place that you want it on the vehicle, then you take the chemical and you paint it over the stencil. The chemical actually eats into the surface of the glass, ever so slightly, and the number is permanently etched into the glass. It’s a real slick safety device as far as anti-theft goes. Inexpensive and effective.

But just about everybody also wants to personalize their car, and one of the hottest ways to do that right now is by trimming out the inside of the car. Dash kits are incredibly popular. That means adding some type of trim to the dash, and maybe even the doors. The trim kits are available in great numbers of styles and colors and so on.

It comes in different solid colors, different types of woodgrain patterns, different styles in carbon fiber and metal and so on. You can pick anything you want to create the feeling and the appearance that appeals to you inside the vehicle. The big thing, though, is to make sure you follow the directions.

Well, there you have it. Two projects that you could do in a Saturday afternoon. Follow the directions, take your time. Make sure that you get everything lined up. You’ll have a car that won’t be as appetizing to thieves, and you’ll have a wonderful new look on the inside of the vehicle.