I’m always looking for new products that seem like they would serve a good purpose and when I find some of those, well, I want to show them to you. And here we have some things that give us the ability to see various things in and around the automobile.

From Impeltronics, we have these lights. Now if you look at this, this just looks like a regular LED light. Everybody has them these days. But, this is different. The first thing we have is down here on this end, we have a magnet that can pick up a pound. This big steel weight - It picks it up no problem. But it goes beyond that.

Suppose you drop a bolt or a wrench or something down into the engine bay and maybe you can see it, maybe you can’t see it, but you know it’s down there. You can use the light and we can also extend the end of this and the end of it is flexible so that you can bend it. And, they were thoughtful enough to put a magnet at the lighted end of it so you can see what you’re picking up. Pretty clever, I think. Every tool box should have one.

Backing up, especially for those of you who tow a trailer, getting the trailer hooked up to the trailer ball can be an absolute nightmare. And back up cameras don’t always help because the trailer hitch is too close to the car.

So this is from Master Lock company, this is a camera. It plugs into the trailer wire harness in the back of the vehicle. It has a magnet on it and you attach the magnet to the side of the trailer hitch. This is wireless, so when you put it in reverse, you’re going to get a picture on the screen that you’ve mounted either to the windshield or the dash of your car.

That gives you the ability to watch the trailer hitch from the trailer perspective. So you can back right up into it, hook it up, no problems and you avoid all those nasty dings and dents in your bumper from the times that you’ve missed.

In every other part of the world just about, they use dash cams to record all of the goofy drivers and accidents they’re involved in and so on. That hasn’t been the case in this country but here we have one, this is from Genius, and it’s a dash cam that has a number of ways of functioning first and foremost. You can plug it into a 12-volt receptacle in the car.

Or it has its own battery. It record on a micro-SD card. And, you can hook this up either to the dash or to a sun visor. It comes with a clip to attach it to the sun visor. You record everything that goes on as you’re driving. So if somebody cuts you off or runs into you or something, you’ve got a record of it right there on your dash cam. Pretty clever.