Pat Goss is a one-man army when it comes to car care, but the rest of us aren’t quite so skilled. So he’s found a way to make sure you find the best person for the job.

PAT GOSS: As the owner of an auto repair shop, I’m always looking for new customers. And it’s beneficial if that new customer has a good idea of what to expect when they come to see us. Well to help in that process, we’ve signed on with Repair Pal. And to explain what Repair Pal is all about, we have Brett Bodas from Repair Pal. Brett, welcome to Goss’ Garage.

BRETT BODAS: Hi, thanks for having me.

PAT GOSS: Alright, give us an idea here of what we’re looking at.

BRETT BODAS: So what we’re looking at here in a repair price estimator on our website. What this does is it helps consumers understand how much they should expect to pay for a car repair. Up until now they’ve understood how to find information on how much to pay for their car, but not how much to pay for repairs.

 So what we’ve done is we’ve taken a lot of industry data plus information from my team and we’ve created a nice layout of how much they should expect to pay.

 There’s a breakdown of the parts and labor, there’s information about what parts are used, and there’s information about the best practices that the best shops use and also what common symptoms they would expect to see along with this repair.

 PAT GOSS: So they’re actually writing their own estimate.

 BRETT BODAS: That’s right. To some extent they are getting the same information you would have when you create an estimate for that customer.

 PAT GOSS: Okay, now they have good information. How do they go about finding a shop?

 BRETT BODAS: Here’s the most exciting part about what we do at Repair Pal. We’ve created the Top Shop Network. And each top shop in our network agrees to stand behind their word with at least a one year and 12,000 mile warranty.

 We interview them and make sure they have the technicians that are experienced and trained and certified in their shop. Make sure they have the tools, equipment and information they need to perform their jobs. Each shop agrees to charge no more than what you see here on the repair price estimator, so they’re guaranteeing a fair price for their customers.

 And, one of the last features, which is very important, is we interview your customers and we make sure you’re executing on all of these things and that they’re very happy with the experience at your shop.

 PAT GOSS: So my customers are driving my destiny.

 BRETT BODAS: Your customers are a big part in saying whether you are a top shop or not – that’s correct.

 PAT GOSS: Okay well I am impressed. Brett, thank you.