The home garage can be a wonderful place, or it can be something out of a horror show. See most of them are really cluttered, stuff everywhere. Well, one way to get around that is to buy tools that fit on the wall, like this shop vac. It has a wall mount. It gets it up off the floor and out of the way.

You know you also have brooms and various things with handles. You want to get them on hangers on the wall as well. See one of the things that you’re trying to avoid here is not only getting rid of the clutter but to prevent things like brooms and so on from flopping over onto the fender or the doors of your car because they’ll leave some nasty dents.

Now I’m always looking for funnels and never can really find what I need at a particular time. So here we have disposable funnels in a dispenser. They’re handy, they’re always right there, and they work very well.

Now something that you might want to put in your tool box, here’s a set of pliers that have replaceable plastic jaws in them. Now what’s that for? Well, it’s so you can grab things around the automobile or even inside the house without doing damage. You get a good grip and it doesn’t leave the nasty tooth marks that you’d find with regular pliers. A very, very nice idea.

Now perhaps you have a situation where you damage a bolt. You know, that happens. Things get damaged in removal or installation. Here we have a thread restorer. This goes around the bolt and you turn the bolt through it, and it will bring the threads back to something that is just about like new. It can get you out of a lot of trouble that way.

All right. Now, your feet. If you have a work bench or anyplace that you stand a lot, you should have some kind of a cushioned mat. We found these in one of the major office supply stores. That’s one place. They’re also usually available in some of the home supplies. Very inexpensive.

Rags? You never can find a rag. Buy them by the box like this. When you’re done with them, throw them away. Inexpensive and they work well. And here’s a trick. You know you can check all of the lamps on an automobile by yourself, except the brake lamps. For that you need two people; one to push on the pedal, one to look at the lamps. Well, not if you take one of these trucker’s mirrors and you mount it someplace behind the vehicle. That way you can see it in your rearview mirror. You push the brake pedal and see if your brake lights are working. Very convenient.