There’s some exciting new automotive coatings available today, that you can do some really interesting things with. And we have Mark from Rail Performance Coatings with us to give us some of the ideas about it. First, I have you to tell you Mark, I used one of the do-it-yourself rattle cans to black out the ugly gold emblems on my Camaro here. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

MARK: Yes, there’s many things you can do with a coating: anything from your grille, your front bumper, your entire car, wheels, interior trim…

PAT: Alright, entire car? What are going to be the advantages there?

MARK: If you purchased a black car, and just decided to change your mind and paint it whatever you want. When you go to sell it, peel it off.

PAT: Okay, just peels off as a sheet…?

MARK: Yea almost like a vinyl wrap, or, almost like a sticker.

PAT: Okay, now I know that the do-it-yourself products are very, very limited in what you can do. But the professional grade products, you can do all of these things. But you really, unless you’re a painter, you should have a professional do it for you.

MARK: Correct, yea. The safety protocols and measures, like having a proper spray booth is very important.

PAT: In other words, don’t go out and buy a $29 spray gun, and do this in your home garage.

MARK: You wouldn’t want to paint your car with an aerosol can.

PAT: Right, okay. Now earlier, you did this wheel that we have over here…and it was a regular…

MARK: …silver wheel, yea.

PAT: Silver wheel…and converted it to black. And you purposely allowed some of the overspray to get on the tire….and you can show us how that peels off?

MARK: Yea, we used like a silicone tire dressing, and the paint will not stick to that. So it will allow us to easily peel around the outside of it, along the tire itself.

PAT: Okay…

Mark, I see you peeled part of the wheel, as well. To show us how this stuff works. But, what amazes me is that it’s so thin and it’s so tough. It’s really impressive. Alright, now what are some of the other things that you could use it for on the car?

MARK: You could also use it as a clear to protect against rock chips and debris, as you drive. Whether it’s on the whole car or just the bumper.

PAT: Okay. Any protection offered for brake dust and stuff like that?

MARK: Yea. Anything. It gives a barrier in between…if this coating does get damaged it’s just as easy to peel it off and replace.

PAT: Mark, thank you.

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