This time we’re going to talk about one of the most important parts of fixing anything and that's cleaning parts. Now here's something that we're all familiar with in the repair business - CRC products and to tell us about a new CRC product, we have Julie Williams from CRC. Julie welcome to Goss’ Garage.

JULIE WILLIAMS: Thank you, Pat

PAT GOSS: Alright, so tell us what you have here.

JULIE WILLIAMS: So, this is our newest parts washer it's CRC Smartwasher Benchtop Pro. It's a bio remediating parts washer which means it's self-cleaning and you don't ever have to haul away hazardous waste.

PAT GOSS: How does it self-clean?

JULIE WILLIAMS: So it uses microbes to clean the oil and grease that goes into the fluid to our patented decreasing solution and so that the fluid is clean for the next time you're ready to use it.

PAT GOSS: Ok, now this is something that’s vital to us in the repair business and anybody whop does any repairs at all should have some form of parts cleaner if nothing else to clean the tools.

JULIE WILLIAMS: That's right we were talking earlier and you mentioned it's very important to have a clean tools and clean parts when you're doing repair work and now we allow the home user and the small repair shop to clean just like the professionals do in their shop environment.

PAT GOSS: Alright, and this is water based.

JULIE WILLIAMS: That's correct we focus on the environmental and safety of the employees by coming out with a water-based technology that cleans as well as a solvent based product. So the difference is when you're using solvent materials you can only clean metal parts with a water-based machine you can clean coated parts, painted surfaces, plastic it's much more versatile and it's definitely much more environmentally friendly and safer for the employees who are using it

PAT GOSS: So I can clean my insulated pliers in here.

JULIE WILLIAMS: That’s right.

PAT GOSS: Alright, the machine itself let's turn this on and you have a flow-through brush.

JULIE WILLIAMS:  Right, so you just depress the actuator and the BT5 degreasing solution comes out as a flow and you can clean your parts. The beauty of this is it's not submerged so your parts aren't submerged in a fluid they're literally sitting on a basin and the fluid goes all-in to the bottom of the smart washer.

PAT GOSS: OK, now here are some examples of things we might clean in a repair shop. Bearings are no problem. Something like this would be no problem except for the electronics.

JULIE WILLIAMS:  Correct, right. So you would never want to submerge the electronics but with this part you could carefully brush around them and clean everything else without harm to the plastic.

PAT GOSS: Alright, without cleaning a lot of repairs are not going to be successful.

JULIE WILLIAMS: Correct, right. You want to make sure all the grease is cleaned off the parts and the dirt and then you can put them back as if you were getting a new part.

PAT GOSS: Julie, thank You, and if you have a question or comment drop us a line right here at MotorWeek.