We have a problem and a problem solver.  Let’s start with the problem solver first that comes in the form of the Super Bumper.  This is a pretty clever device that prevents damage to the back of the vehicle, damage like we see so frequently where the bumper is all caved in. Now, how does it do it? It does it by means of energy absorbers that are mounted onto the portion of it that goes into the receiver on the vehicle.  These energy absorbers absorb the energy and prevent damage to the back of the vehicle.  Pretty clever.  It also comes with a place to put the tow ball, and it has material on it to make it a great step to get up into the vehicle.

All right, that’s our problem solver, but what about our problem?  Well the problem comes in the form of spare tires on pick-up trucks and sport utilities.  What that amounts to is for years and years they have been suspended underneath the vehicle on a cable.  Crank the cable up, lift it up in there and it holds it in place, which is fine if you check it periodically. But if you don’t, the cable rusts and the tire falls off and if that happens to be in the middle of rush-hour-traffic well, you can do a lot of damage.

That means that your vehicle, if it’s a later model, may have something like we have here. Now this is similar to the old system except this has a secondary catch, and this spring loaded mechanism goes up inside this housing and locks in place, so if something happens to this cable the spare tire can’t fall.  That’s good, but if you don’t maintain this about three or four times a year by dropping the tire down, cleaning this mechanism, spraying it with rust penetrate, and then white lithium grease or something similar, this will seize up.

Now you’ve got a serious problem on your hands because you can’t get the spare tire from under the vehicle. What do you do? Well what you do is, long before it happens, you open your owners manual and you read the numerous pages of instructions on what to do if this happens.  That’s pretty complicated and this is the only place to get that information., so take a minute and read it so that you understand it before it happens.

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