This time we have some near odds and ends. First we have Bolt Lock. Now Bolt Lock makes a number of different things and what’s unique about Bolt Lock in general is that they can be keyed to match your car. In other words, the first time you use this lock mechanism here for the receiver on your trailer hitch what you do is you take your car’s key, and of course you have to order these for your particular make and model but you take the car key and you put it in there, you turn it, and that keys it to your key. So, from there on all you have to do, well use your car key to unlock the trailer or whatever it might be. So, it simplifies life dramatically. So something you might want to look for, and they have an assortment of different items. 

Alright, now, over here we have Thread Wizard. Now, Thread Wizard that’s brand new… very unique. See inside this we have a wheel that has really stiff wire bristles on it. And what you do with this, you take that old rusty bolt you took out of the exhaust manifold or something that you have to reuse, and you screw it in to the Thread Wizard and we can see here we screwed this one down earlier we can see that the threads are spotlessly clean as far as we screwed it in. Now, they come in different sizes, metric and standard, so something that is really really neat to have in the tool box. 

Finally, you know everybody talks about bolts and so on, nobody seems to know when they go to the store to buy a replacement bolt what size they’re looking for. You see, the head of the bolt is not the size of the bolt.  In other words, if it uses a 10 mm wrench it’s not a 10 mm bolt. So, what every tool box should have is a bolt gauge.  Now the bolt gauge will tell you simply go no go you put the bolt into one of the holes. If it fits through this one but not through this one then it’s the first one. So go no go tells you the size of the bolt and then when you go to order a bolt you know what to ask for. So really handy to have.

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