This time we have some handy helpers that every tool box should have and the first one is wrench ID. If you’ve ever made a dozen trips back-and-forth to the tool box to get the right size wrench well this will prevent that. First you zero it like this then you put it over the end of the bolt like this and what you have is the wrench size that fits this bolt and if there is a direct conversion from metric to SAE it gives you both wrench sizes. Amazing tool that save you a lot of a lot of trips to the tool box. 

Alright, you're tightening nuts and bolts and so on you want him to stay type you going to use a thread locker. Well here we have the traditional blue which can hold things together but you can remove them. Over here is the red which holds things together can't remove you have to cut the bolt apart in order to get them separated. Here’s something brand new. This is Orange gives you the holding power of the red but you can remove it. 

Over here we have self fusing silicone tape. What this does is this is tape that you can use for temporary repairs on all sorts of things like this airline we have repaired it right here. We start with the tape as you go around you stretch it that makes it conform to all of the different curves and everything of what you're trying to repair and if fuses to itself so you have a good repair that conforms to what you working on. Works on all sorts of things including temporary repairs of water pipes in the home.

Over here we have liquid electrical tape. Never heard of it? Well now you have. This is amazing stuff. You spread it on with a brush you can repair just about anything electrical with it, including things like cellphone power cords like here we have a battery cable that has exposed metal you could coat that and protected against shorts. Maybe you’re doing wiring and your splicing wires together. Now if you ever tried to wrap up a big roll of black plastic tape through some of these things really hard to do. Well you can coat all of these things with the liquid electrical tape. And it gives you a water type vibration free good electrical connection.

Now speaking of electrical connections couple things you don't do is you don't splash your wires like this, side by side…you do them end-to-end like this and on cars and boats and just about anything other than a house you do not use wire nuts. Use the liquid electrical tape instead. It does a good job easy to do and if you have a question or comment drop me a line right here at Motorweek.