Well, if you have a nice car that means it deserves a nice garage floor. Now most of us are gonna be dealing with concrete and no matter what you going to put on that garage floor, it has to be properly prepared. So decide what product you want to use and follow the preparation instructions to the letter. That way you’ll get a better job.

Now some may require a grinding and some may require an acid wash, there’s all sorts of different things they may want. But make sure you do it or otherwise your job will not last at all.

Now, you have to select the different types of materials. Well, you can use a single part paint such as we have here out of the can on to the floor, does a good job. Or you can use a two part paint which uses a hardener which makes more durable. It’s more difficult to work with and cost a bit more money so no problem there. 

But the big thing you have to remember about any kind of paint that you put on the floor for the most part, unless it’s something really high end, chances are that hot tires are going to cause it to peel and you might have issues with that. 

Alright, another thing to prevent slipping and sliding and so on or for the appearance you may want to put flakes into the paint. We’ve done it down here on this example so you can see what you wind up with. Looks interesting and is not quite as slippery. 

So, but then come the other products, the plastic products. They may be thin or they may be thick they may be interlocking or they may be peel and stick. Whatever you select make sure you follow the directions again. 

Now here in Goss’ Garage, we’ve had this thick form on the floor for a lot of years and it’s been very durable and very forgiving. But with all of these there’s a couple of things to remember. Number one…plastic product: you can’t use a torch because hot metal will burn right through it. It also has seams in it so moisture can get underneath it and it’s difficult to get out. You can also puncture it with a jack stand or a sharp object so you have to be a little but careful. 

Follow the directions and you will have a gorgeous garage floor that will last for many years.  And if you have a question or comment drop me a line right here at Motorweek.