Look under the hood of a modern automobile and you're going to see all kinds of wires and sensors and modules and computers and so on. Well that means that all of these things are electrical or electronic and they need a good electrical supply which that electrical supply starts here at the old fashioned battery and that means you have to have good clean electrical connections on the battery don't want it to look like this mess. 

Well, follow proper procedures and clean the battery. There are battery cleaners you can buy those that helps and they're also battery cable protectors that seal these and prevent future buildup of corrosion also don't forget things like these felt pants to go under the cables are chemically treated and they help prevent the corrosion so use those. 

If you have a car that has these old-fashioned bulbs in them well many of these came with a silicon-based dielectric grease around them and look pretty nasty but it was there for a purpose and everybody wiped it off. Well the purpose was to keep moisture out from around the ball and keep the ball from vibrating in there so replace it don't throw it away. 

Another thing that we have here with bulbs modern headlight bulbs they have connectors that go down inside they often get corroded they may flicker do crazy things you have special contact cleaners and electronics cleaners and so on that can be used in the situations like this.

And here's something all cars have these coil on plug assemblies when you change the spark plugs you have these rubber boots that go down inside the valve covers. Well they sometimes get welded to the valve cover and when you try to take it apart they pull apart and prevent that dielectric grease on the rubber part keeps them from adhering and causing problems.

Now we have all kinds of different chemicals that can be used around a car these days you have to familiarize yourself with what is needed on your car then buy the right product. One product doesn't fit everything under the hood for sure. Right product follow the directions and you can save yourself a lot of grief and expensive repairs over the life of the car. And if you have a question or comment drop me a line right here at MotorWeek.