There are millions of cars like this on the road that have a lot of life left in them but maybe they don’t have the features or sound system that you would really like. In this case, when it was new, had a premium sound system and you had to pay extra for it. Today, it’s obsolete and it is a mess. So what can you do to bring your car up to snuff? Well, there are a lot of things you can modify. You can modify the sound system. You can add features like this back-up camera like we see here. To see some of the things we can do, we’re taking this car to Crutchfield, who’s famous for supply items that you can install yourself. Let’s see what they have for us. 

STEPHEN DAVIS: So let’s start off with the head unit. Very easy to putt out the Volkswagen Golf head unit. We’re gonna look at a new Kenwood DMX 7704s. That’s gonna give us CarPlay and Android Auto. So no matter what smart phone you have you’ll get the best possible experience for messaging, phone calls, and navigation.  It’s also got HD radio so you get the best possible listening experience for local stations and really great sound tools so we can really shape up the sound and get the best possible listening experience.

Next up we have speakers. We’re going to replace both the front and rear speakers in the Volkswagen Golf. The speakers are relatively easy to fit into the locations of the doors in the Volkswagen Golf. And we have all of the pieces and parts to make sure they fit without too much trouble. We’re going to do a component set up front, which means the tweet and woofer are separate so we can get better imaging and sound stage in the front of the vehicle, and then just a typical 2-way speaker in the rear for some backfill. And I always too we need a little better base so we’re going to do a power rear subwoofer in the storage area. What’s really nice about this is we have the connection from the radio to the powered sub no trouble, and also, when we need some extra storage space, we can easily pull it out. So, even though we do have an older Volkswagen Golf doesn’t mean we can’t get some newer technology in there as well. We’re going to be installing a Clarion CC520 rearview camera alongside the Kenwood touchscreen receiver. This will add some safety features and something we can make sure can happen with any new radio that we put in with a touch screen. 

PAT GOSS: And there you have it folks, some of the things that you can do to upgrade your car and most of them you can do yourself. If you have a question or a comment drop me a line right here at .