Every time we drive our cars we sit behind something link we see here, an instrument panel. Well behind that instrument panel is a lot of stuff. The most notable the heating and air conditioning system… the HVAC. 

Now, inside this HVAC system there are a lot of parts. There are doors that determine where the air goes. There’s a blower motor and all sorts of things, but what we’re concerned with today are two little radiators such as we see here. Now, one of them is a heater core. Hot coolant flows through it and then we blow air through that and we get hot air inside the car. The other is the evaporator.The evaporator is part of the air conditioning system, and we put refrigerant through it and it gets cold. Now we can see with the light that we have these really fine passages in the heater core and the evaporator.

Now, over time dirt from the air, fumes from other cars and oils from the road and all kinds of things. As the air passes through it carries these very fine particles and over time these little opening in here get clogged up. When that happens, well you have a blockage of the air moving through it, and another thing that leads to blockage of these parts is mold and mildew, and that comes from the moisture that drips out from the underside of the car when the air conditioning is working. So if you have an air conditioning that smells like last month’s dirty sweat socks, well o.k. you probably need this next service.

Now we’re going to clean this. We start out using an electric drill. Use a-quarter inch bit with a limiter, it’s nothing more than a piece of tape on it. We drill at the spot the instructions tell us to drill, and we don’t drill in any more than a quarter of an inch because we don’t want to damage anything inside. Then what we do is we install one of these brass adaptors. Once we have the brass adaptor screwed into the plastic, we connect one of these hoses like this. Now this hose gets connected to a can of Frigi-Clean. Now this product is designed so when we put this in here and we dispense it into the system what happens is this turns into a foam and it expands, fills the whole inside of this housing and the duct work and everything with this foam and it’s a very strong cleaner. Now, what it does is it cleans all of the gunck out of the evaporator and does away with the stink and all of that stuff and makes the system work a lot better. Now once we’re done with it we take the hose off give it to the customer, put a cap on the system and we’re good to go. Many times it has to be done once a year, and in between we use Frigi-Fresh to keep the system smelling better. And if you have a question of a comment drop me a line right here at MotorWeek.