As automobiles have evolved, so have the finishes that go on them. Let’s face it, paints these days are much different than they were 15 or 20 years ago. And that means you may want to consider a more modern protection for your paint something line Nano technology. And to explain that to us we have Rob Freeman from Prof Form Auto. Rob welcome to Goss’ Garage.

ROB FREEMAN: Hi Pat, thanks for having me again.

PAT GOSS: Absolutely. Tell us about Nano technology.

ROB FREEMAN: Well today what we have is the Ceramic Pro Line of Nano products. These are paint sealants and what they’re going to do is once the car is properly prepped they’re going to protect your paint give it glass like coatings. It’s self-cleaning. It’s gonna make it to where your car is virtually maintenance free for the time that you own it.

PAT GOSS: Alright, I’ve been on the internet, I’ve seen all kinds of do it yourself nano technology products and so on. How good are they?

ROB FREEMAN: There are some out there that are consumer based that are gonna be alright, but everything we use is professional, so it goes through the whole process. You can always put something on that’s just gonna cover for a little while, but you really want to go through the whole process to make sure it’s done properly. On this one what we’ve done is a wash, a clay bar, a buff, and then a polish, then we apply the Ceramic Pro 9-H on top of it to give it the ultimate protection that it’s gonna need.

PAT GOSS: So you’re cleaning the paint up and cleaning everything before we coat it with anything.         

ROB FREEMAN: Absolutely, just like with anything else it’s always preparation, preparation, preparation. You want to make sure the surface is in the most pristine shape that it can be before you apply to any products to it.   

PAT GOSS: OK, what is the end result for this as far as the consumer is concerned?

ROB FREEMAN: The end result is going to be ease of cleaning, longevity, it stops acid rain everything self-cleans in the rain itself all you have to do is wash the car there’s no more waxing for clients. Everything can be taken care of and it’s gonna last and make the car look better.   

PAT GOSS: Quickly, what about wheels?

ROB FREEMAN: We do have products. We have a wheel and caliper product that’s designed specifically for rims and calipers which is gonna stop the brake dust from etching into the rims self-cleaning again so as you’re driving it’s gonna make it easier for you to take care of your car.

PAT GOSS: Alright now you have a demonstration you’re going to show us on this.

ROB FREEMAN: We do. What we’ve done on this the processes I’ve explained before and we’ve only done half of this hood so we’re going to do the mud test on it. This is putting the mud prone on and we’ll see how the treated side compares to the untreated side.    

PAT GOSS: Alright, and let’s take a look at that.  Wow, that’s impressive. And if you have a question, or a comment, drop me a line. Right here, at MotorWeek.