Keeping a nice car nice can be a real challenge these days, what with air pollution and acid rain and bird droppings and dust and dirt. Well, one of the things you might want to consider is a car cover. There are a lot of ways to buy car covers. You could go down to the local chain store and buy a one size fits all, or maybe one size fits nothing, and you could probably do some damage to your paint.

You see, a good car cover is going to be designed for a specific purpose. You have to know whether you’re going to keep the car outside or inside, are you simply trying to protect it against dust or dirt or whatever it might be. And there are different products for all of these different circumstances, like products that are made out of a paper-like material that actually breathe. It lets condensation come out through the cover, yet it keeps dust and dirt out. And there are various types. Some of them are multi-layered and so on, and they all serve a specific purpose and, in many cases, they will meet a specific price point.

One of the things that you want to look for when you’re looking for your car cover, right here. You know, car covers have plastic grommets in them so that you can tie them to the car, so that somebody else doesn’t steal it from you. Well, on cheap car covers, the plastic grommet, the inside of it isn’t covered, so the plastic can actually rub against the paint on your car and do damage. On better ones, they’re built into a pocket that protects them so they won’t do any damage to your car. That’s something to look for. You also look for the type of stitching on the cover itself. There are various types.

Okay, now. You want to keep the car cover on your car. Don’t rely on a string. Make sure you use a cable tie. Very difficult to get through, and it will keep the thieves away. All right, now. On the car itself, you need to know some things about it. When you order your cover you have to know whether it has one mirror or two. Does it have a fixed antenna or not? If it has a fixed antenna, then you have to order an antenna pocket. By doing your homework and spending a few more dollars, you’ll get a car cover that will actually protect your car and not damage it.

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