Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years then you have certainly heard terms like smart mobility, V to V, or vehicle to vehicle communication, or autonomous automobiles, and things like that.

Well these are all things that are coming reality rather quickly, and as they become reality you are going to find that your vehicle may need some different services not the least of which is cleaning services.

Now here’s what I’m talking about, a lot of modern cars have cameras. Cameras for things like lane keep assist, and autonomous driving.

Those cameras are often mounted inside the car up behind the rear-view mirror, now what that means as the windshield the inside of the windshield gets dirty It may block the signal that those cameras are looking for; and if you happen to be a smoker that brown film that builds up we’ve seen some of these where it completely shuts down these systems because the windshield is too clouded with the tobacco, an smoke residue and the system just shuts down.

Now not all of these things are inside of the car. A lot of them are outside of the car like on this Mercedes we have sensors in the front bumpers to read things ahead of the car. We have sensors in that star in the center of the grill now that means that these things need to be kept clean too. If you happen to live in an area where you get salt, and snow, and so on. Snow, and Ice can build up over these sensors, and you get false readings, and if you’re not in an area where there is snow the sensors still should be kept clean because of mud, dirt, and road debris can block these sensors. So we have to keep all of these things clean in order for these systems to work.

That brings up another point do not give up your driving skills. Just because you have blind spots doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look over your shoulder to make sure that there is nothing in that blind spot. None of these systems are in fallible so you have to make up the safe part of all of this.

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