We’ve waited patiently for Hyundai’s next all-electric entree, the 2023 IONIQ 6. And after getting our first taste in Scottsdale, Arizona, we’d say it was worth the wait.

The IONIQ 6 follows last year’s IONIQ 5 electric utility, sharing Hyundai’s E-GMP platform and offering similar drive configurations.
Max range goes to the single-motor rear-wheel drive model paired with the larger 77.4kWh battery, estimated up to 361 miles with 225 horsepower on tap.

Dual-motor all-wheel drive punches up to 320 horsepower, with range dependent on trim– between 270 and 316 miles. The 800-volt system can finish 10-80 percent recharges in 18 minutes at 350 kilowatts. A lot of this sounds familiar, and it feels equally familiar on the road.

STEVEN TRUANT: “So back when we had the IONIQ 5 in for testing, I had a lot of seat time in that car and now that I’m driving the IONIQ 6, they feel very similar. The IONIQ 6 however, just feels more car-like. The low center of gravity makes for great handling, the ride quality is smooth, great acceleration. Overall, a fantastic driving experience.”

Despite similarities, the IONIQ 6’s streamliner inspiration is a unique flavor flaunted well. Be it on the road or at the charging dock, the cabin is like a personal sanctuary with ambient lighting, spacious seating, and dual 12.3-inch displays highlighting the sophisticated, yet straightforward tech.

The 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 6 will start around $43,000, with all-wheel drive models starting around $50,000. Most trims will be available this spring– as will our upcoming Road Test, so stay tuned!