Last year marked the debut of Hyundai’s all-electric IONIQ 5 crossover. We found a lot to love with this uniquely-styled EV, and now for 2023 it’s only getting better.

The best news is that all-wheel drive models see range increases from 256 to 266 miles. That’s from the same 77.4 kilowatt-hour battery. For max range, that battery, with the standard rear-wheel drive setup, is good for 303 miles. For the record, Hyundai still offers a rear-wheel drive model using a standard range 58.0 kilowatt-hour battery, reaching 220 miles of range. All trims, baring said standard range model, see a big towing increase from 1,650 lbs to 2,300 lbs.

All IONIQ 5s now come with a battery heating system, previously available on all-wheel drive models only. And an all-new feature that’s now model-standard is a battery preconditioning function, enabled when an EV fast charging spot is programmed into the onboard nav.

For 2023, an entry-level SE Standard Range will start near $43,000 with delivery; stepping up to that bigger battery will start closer to $47,000; add $3,500 for all-wheel drive.

Beyond the additions, the core components of what made the IONIQ 5 so impressive upon its debut are still present. And with a performance-minded “N” variant on the horizon, we expect the good times to keep rolling.