Here at MotorWeek we bring you all the latest in consumer-ready production vehicles; but sometimes we’re lucky enough to get behind the wheel of a true concept-- and today is one of those days. Meet the Jeep Wrangler ‘41 Concept.

This particular model calls back to the venerable Willys Jeep, which saw service throughout the second World War and well beyond. That iconic imagery has been envisioned for this modern 4-door Wrangler, starting with the olive-drab exterior wrap. The ‘41 stands at attention on matching-green steelies at each corner, contrasted by a khaki soft-top and various body graphics.

Under its old school appearance is a modern sampling of the Wrangler’s 4xe hybrid-electric system. It uses a 2.0-liter inline-four engine and a pair of electric motors, working together to achieve a net 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. And being a plug-in hybrid, its 17.3kWh battery pack can supply 21 miles of pure-electric range.

Stepping through the JPP half doors, the cabin completes the military motif with digital camo seats and a body-matched Rhino-lined floor. And the custom shifter and cap lets you throw this Wrangler into gear and get Oscar-Mike.

GREG CARLOSS: Jeep loves paying homage to their past and this '41 Concept, while not the most outrageous Wrangler concept we've seen, is a nice tribute to the original Willys. Although styling is pretty much where any similarities end. The 2-inch lift and beefy 35-inch tires are fully up to modern standards. And then the plug-in hybrid powertrain is beyond those standards for an off-roader. And I gotta say, trekking the trail in near silence is actually quite blissful.

JESSICA RAY: This is a great show of force for Jeep’s 4xe Wrangler. Sure, it may be aesthetically drastic by comparison, but performance-wise not far from a factory-specced Rubicon 4xe. For reference, a 2023 Wrangler Rubicon 4xe will run you just shy of 60-thousand dollars. It’ll be up to you to outfit it in the ‘41’s uniform.

And we’ll have more Quick Spins, soon!