This is the new 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe and if you ask me, this is the F-Type to get.  Not that the roadster is bad, but I think; one, the coupe looks better and it performs better. Specifically the V-8. Now if you want a V-8 in the coupe, you're going to have to get the R-Model, which if you know anything about Jaguar, that means more power, more performance. In this case you're up to 550-horsepower and over 500-pound-feet of torque. You're also going to get torque vectoring and the second generation of the electronic active rear differential. And with the optional carbon ceramic brakes it turns into a pretty decent track car, for sure.

With its all-aluminum structure, the coupe is 80% stiffer than the roadster even with the glass roof, which if you're claustrophobic I'd highly recommend.

Now if you're not on the track shredding up the tires, which this engine is known to do, it's pretty quiet on the streets actually. The fixed top is pretty resistant to wind noise. When you get to the upper speeds, you will hear some more wind noise than I think you would want to hear. But you also want to hear that exhaust note and that will come through, especially when you get onto the throttle….

As you can see, that exhaust note is pretty aggressive as we've already heard in the roadster.


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